Did you know that Dr. Nicole is one of only two chiropractors in the state of South Dakota as a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner?

Spinning Babies Aware Practitioners are trained in a bodywork protocol intended to allow:

  • Comfort in pregnancy—Make room for the baby
    • balancing activities during pregnancy may add comfort before and during childbirth
    • mom’s job is to dilate; baby’s job is to rotate – making baby’s job easier may make mom’s job easier too
    • balancing in labor can be effective for most, but ma not always succeed: overworked core, scoliosis, etc.
  • Spontaneous change to a more optimal fetal position, where space is available in the womb—Where is the baby?
    • flexion ins more important than position
    • baby’s position matters if position stops or delays the descent of baby through the pelvis
    • match the pelvic level to a technique that opens that level and softens the muscles and ligaments to it
  • Spinning Babies encourages bonding
    • nurture the mother and you nurture the baby
    • the MotherBaby dyad is physiologically reflective
    • empower, validate, and support maternal behavior
    • wake the maternal brain where birth and breastfeeding flourish
  • 3 principles of Spinning Babies: Balance, Gravity, Movement
    • Reduce force and increase ease and comfort

Spinning Babies is an approach to birth that provides optimal mother and baby comfort.