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Baby Spinning

In order to better serve my pregnant clients, I advanced my training to be a certified Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner.

Spinning Babies Aware is a regimen that promotes comfort in pregnancy. It also helps position babies to a more optimal fetal position by lessening tension in the muscles and ligament surrounding the womb. The techniques not only provide ideal positioning, but also relief throughout the labor. 

Custom Orthotic

Custom Orthotic

One of the main functions of your feet is to absorb shock as the body’s weight shifts while walking. Over time, you are unable to absorb shock as effectively when you walk which may cause pain in not just your feet but knees, hips, back and neck pain. By helping control the motion of the feet and support the weight of the body evenly, orthotics helps to align the spine correctly and prevent these conditions from occurring. We can help you find the right orthotics for you!