Migraines and Fibromyalgia

My name is Pat and I have suffered from migraines and fibromyalgia my whole life. I have taken handfuls of medications, tried yoga, exercise, alcohol consumption and still had the pain and headaches.

I missed an average of 2 days work every 2 weeks or so due to my ailments. My time off has been spent sleeping or doing as little as possible. I had practically given up hope of ever feeling better, then I met Nicole at a Women’s Expo. I made an appointment that day to try acupuncture.

Acupuncture and chiropractic has saved me. I don’t have as many migraines and the severity of them is decreased significantly. The fibromyalgia pain is gone. The acupuncture has taken the fibro pain away. I haven’t missed one day of work the whole month of November. Totally awesome to feel good after so long in misery.

Thank God for Nicole!


Sioux Falls

Shoulder Pain and Blood Pressure

I developed left shoulder pain that just came on – no certain event. I went to three practitioners with very little improvement as I was not able to lift very much weight with my left arm. I heard of acupuncture before but Dr. Nicole’s informational talk at the senior citizen’s center answered my questions that I was willing to try it. She advised that I would need several treatments before seeing improvements. A mosquito bite causes more discomfort than the needles. I asked Dr. Nicole to also treat my high blood pressure. Now my arm is 85-90% useful where before it was 50%. My blood pressure has dropped below my medical doctor’s level that he wanted 180/70. I try to maintain two week intervals between appointments to stay at the same level of enjoyment of life. After having three practitioners of which one was physical therapist, try to help. I was ready for relief that Dr. Nicole provides for me.


Sioux Falls

Neck and Shoulder Pain helped with Acupuncture

I have had many years of tremendous pain and tension in my neck and shoulders. I had been treating it with massage therapy and had decent but temporary results. My major complaint when I started to see Dr. Nicole was headaches and a noticeable hump that had started to form. Since starting acupuncture and cupping, I have noticed a decrease in my headaches and a much greater range of motion in my shoulders that I haven’t had in many years – I even see a change in the appearance of my hump on my neck. I am a fan for life of acupuncture and Dr. Nicole. I encourage anyone to try this treatment. It works!

Marisa Q.

Sioux Falls

Scatter-Brained with Shoulder Pain

I felt like I could never focus, always scatter-brained. I did some online research and one study I found pointed to acupuncture as a possible treatment. I was curious. I didn’t know anything about acupuncture and didn’t understand how it could possible work. I found that Leading Edge was about the closest acupuncture clinic to where I live, so I stopped in to see if I could get some info.

Dr. Nicole was right there to greet me and talk to me about my options. She was very inviting. She gladly took the time to explain how acupuncture works and all she could do for me. It made me feel a lot more comfortable about trying this out.
I came to the first appointment pretty nervous. She talked me through each needle, explaining things as she went. It made me feel a lot more comfortable about trying it out.

She cured me! Turns out the lack of focus was caused by trouble sleeping and some stress. I’m now sleeping so well – I haven’t dreamed for 10 years until now! I am much more clear-headed these days. Aside from that, she also fixed my should that was hurting SO bad! Not sure what was wrong with it, but it was an awful pain every day until she worked her magic on it.

I absolutely believe in acupuncture now, and I believe Dr. Nicole knows exactly what she’s doing, and I would recommend anyone to her!

Steph W.

Sioux Falls

IBS Help Through Acupuncture

I started going to Dr. Nicole Roemen because a friend of mine had awesome luck with her hot flashes. She suggested I go in. I went in with Acid Reflux, IBS and bloating. The first time meeting Nicole she made me feel so comfortable, it was like talking to a good friend. Nicole has helped me with my acid reflux and my stomach feels great.

Shannon H.

Sioux Falls

Chiropractic Helps Neck Pain

For many years my shoulders, neck, arms and hands have been stiff and aching. I had very little grip with my hands and could not lay on my left side very long because my shoulders and arm would hurt, when I wanted to turn my head I had to turn the top part of my body. After treatment with Dr. Nicole Roemen I can now open most jars, turn my head and lay on my left side, also my back and hip problems are better. I would not hesitate giving Dr. Nicole’s name to anyone, she is so kind and gentle.

I was hesitant to go in because I didn’t know what to expect. I’m so glad I did because after several tests at the doctor’s office Nicole has helped me with my symptoms and no medicine. It’s a great experience and a great way to go without pain. It’s worth a try – because it does work. You will feel great. Thanks so much Nicole!

Vivian T.

Sioux Falls

Dr. Nicole Helps Make Life Easier

Before coming in to see Dr. Nicole Roemen, I was always stiff and it was hard to get moving. After seeing her for chiropractic and acupuncture, it is easier for me to walk. The doctor and her staff are amazing and make you feel very welcome. Getting to know Dr. Nicole and having her help me has been a great experience. If someone is hesitant or nervous to come in I would definitely say they shouldn’t worry and that Dr. Nicole can help. She is the best! You will love it here and be very comfortable!

Cheryl F.

Sioux Falls

Acupuncture Helps With Depression

When I met with Dr. Nicole to discuss Acupuncture treatments for my depression symptoms, she said she was 100% certain that she would be able to help me feel better! After two months of treatment, I have been able to see a tremendous difference in my overall mental and emotional health. Dr. Nicole is very kind and compassionate and genuinely cares about my health and well-being. I have also received Chiropractic adjustments, and I highly recommend both Acupuncture and Chiropractic treatments at Leading Edge! I am so thankful to be better in mind and body!

Erin H.

Sioux Falls

Reversing Neruopathy

Dr. Nicole has eliminated the adverse effects of neuropathy in my legs, especially the left one. In six weeks, the severe discomfort produced by the neuropathy is gone. Her use of Acupuncture to do this has been what I consider remarkable. The oncology staff had no means to deal with it, they said it was irreversible. I am relating the success to the Acupuncture since the Chemotherapy is what caused the neuropathy.

Gerald Q.

Sioux Falls

Post-Surgical Relief

I met Dr. Nicole at a public event where she was handing out information on Chiropractic and Acupuncture. I was interested in trying acupuncture and learning more about it. After my knee surgery in 2006 my lower leg has been swollen and red. I have had 6 acupuncture treatments on it. The swelling has gone down (it was full of infection), I have feeling in it and it is a lot lighter. It doesn’t feel like there is a weight attached to it anymore. I feel a lot better too because to infection is gone.

LeAnn H.

Sioux Falls

Knee and Hip Pain Relief

I heard about Leading Edge through a friend and actually my husband was the first to become a patient. We both assessed my health and I decided to try it. I love-love-love my treatments and feel so much relief- mainly in my problem areas (my hip and knee). It’s a work in progress. I am much easier to get along with and enjoy things more. I receive gentle care, encouragement and now I feel I can finally really relax. The doctors actually care and give real hands on care with a gentle touch. I was very hesitant at first and to someone I would say you just got to let go and relax. It has been a great deal of help for me and I have had nothing but great results! Let go and try.

Sinus Problems

I had constant sinus problems for two years before coming to Leading Edge. I can now breathe better and pain all over my body. They listened to my problems, diagnosed and set up a program to relieve the problem. They are a very caring staff. Someone who is coming for care should not be afraid and keep an opened mind.

Don G.

Sioux Falls

Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit

I started healing with my first conversation with Dr. Roemen, when it was obvious to me that she actually read, and was sincerely interested in my medical profile. She gave me and my health concerns time and attention. Although I had never had acupuncture, I had long been interested in the practice. Several months ago, I heard a news story about how acupuncture can alleviate hot flashes and other “gifts” of menopause. After the first treatment, I noticed a significant reduction in the number and intensity of the hot flashes. To my delight, other benefits emerged- things I hadn’t even realized were issues. I have more energy and a more positive outlook. Acupuncture works, and as important as the art itself, is the attention and care given by Dr. Roemen. Thanks to her, I feel healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Mary M.


There is Hope

Before I met Dr. Nicole I was giving up hope that I could live pain free. My arms where going numb and had very painful tingling. I had tried a number of treatments- all worked but not for long. After my first acupuncture treatment the numbness and tingling decreased approximately 70% to 80%. Today I would say I hardly remember how bad it hurt and I’m feeling awesome! Very friendly and professional, very calm nice environment. Don’t hesitate to seek help!

Barbara A.

Ortonville MN

Lower Back Pain

Dr. Nicole has been very helpful with the acupuncture healing. Her whole-body approach has been a wonderful experience. I went to her for one specific problem and yet her approach has been to treat many other issues. But her pain reduction for my lower back sciatica has worked wonders. I’ve experienced about a 90% reduction in pain. I wholeheartedly recommend the acupuncture process and especially Dr. Nicole.

Michael B.

Sioux Falls

Leg Pain and Swelling

Our daughter was experiencing severe leg pain and swelling the freshmen year of high school. We had worked with our local chiropractor to work out her tight muscles and deal with a pulled muscle. By the spring of that year she was in so much pain she could hardly walk. Playing sports was making it worse. We saw a muscular skeletal doctor and after some testing he thought the pain was from growing so fast. However, he did not know why her legs were swelling. He referred us to a Rheumatoid Arthritis Specialist. After several blood tests and finding out our daughter was very healthy, the doctor could not explain why she was having so much pain and swelling.

We were coming to our local county fair and we were concerned that she would not make it through the activities that she was planning. Mainly riding her horse as that had become difficult. After talking to the HR department at work, I talked with my husband about taking our daughter to a chiropractor that could do acupuncture. We talked with our local chiropractor and he recommended Dr. Nicole.

The next day I called another chiropractor, got some information, then called Dr. Nicole to ask questions to see if the information I received from the first chiropractor was the same. We chose Dr. Nicole because I felt more comfortable with her answers and I thought our daughter would like her. We scheduled an appointment for the next day.

Dr. Nicole assessed our daughter and got right to work. We only had one week until fair started and I wanted to get things moving to give our daughter some relief. We were able to get four appointments in before the busiest days of the fair. Our daughter’s legs still hurt and swelled but she said that they were not as bad as before. She was able to make it through fair.

Over the next couple months we continued treatment and now our daughter is better. I would say she is 100% better. We are still monitoring her but she has returned to working out in preparation for basketball and track season. She never let the pain stop her activities but it is wonderful to see her activities pain free.

Without Dr. Nicole’s help and encouragement our daughter would not be participating in sporting activities at school. Most of all she would not be riding her horse, which she loves to do.

Karen C.


Acupuncture Worked for Me

Dr. Nicole was extremely helpful in the healing process from the moment I called to inquire about acupuncture. She took the time and attention needed to treat me as a whole – not just where I felt the most pain. After just two months I can saw that I feel like myself again – healthy and happy in body, mind and spirit!

Ky G.

Sioux Falls

Feeling Better

Before seeing Dr. Nicole Roemen, I was in constant pain from post-herpetic neuralgia following a bout with shingles. My condition affected my quality of life and was causing depression. Since receiving both acupuncture and chiropractic care from Dr. Roemen, I still have residual pain but it is less intense. Dr. Roemen is very caring and concerned and devotes a good deal of time with me and also in researching my case. This is on-going and is much appreciated.

If you are contemplating having acupuncture and/or chiropractic care, I highly recommend both Drs. Nicole and Seth Roemen. I am impressed with their dedication.

Grace W.

Sioux Falls

Plantar Fascilitis

Before Acupuncture I had pain in the heel of my foot, not only when I woke up in the morning but all through the day. I was not able to do my favorite form of exercise which was walking. Now, I have no pain and am able to do all the walking I want. I am also able to wear any type of shoe I want. Dr. Nicole was absolutely fantastic! She was very concerned that my heel pain was taken care of. Dr. Nicole was knowledgeable, very caring & I had the utmost trust in her. She did not disappoint me. I have told everyone I know about her as I know she will take excellent care of them.

Ty K.

Sioux Falls

Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief

I have both rheumatoid arthritis and plain old arthritis that goes along with aging. I also have an old back injury that flares up at times. Pain was hard on my mood, motivation and general activities of daily living. I have had both chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. My pain and inflammation have decreased without having to increase the dose of my medication. It has been a great adjunct therapy. Now I have more energy, able to exercise more and sleep better. Most disease processes are multifaceted and can benefit from traditional as well as non-traditional forms of medicine.

Have an open mind!

Lori P.

Sioux Falls